Our History

Our History

A History Of Success Built On Service, Innovation And Attention To Detail

We were founded in 1977 with less than $50 million of capital. Since then we have built the company by offering constructive, flexible solutions backed by our promise to pay. Throughout we have stuck to our principles: get close to our customers (so we better understand your needs); employ the best talent (so we can better serve you); invest in the best technology (so we can better analyze the risks we assume).  We have priced and assumed the most complex of risks, and we provided the most flexible, transparent, economic capital protection available.

A Global Property and Casualty Franchise

Today we have more than 90 times our starting capital, more than 60 times our starting staff, and 24 times more offices, but we are still one team. We combine global reach, strong financials, broad product offerings and wide ranging market expertise to be recognized industry leaders, offering insights into emerging risks and exposures.

The Future – Continuing to Adapt to Continuous Change

In return for current premiums, we promise to pay future claims. Honoring that promise requires the strength of our analysis and our balance sheet. We believe that a company that diversifies its sources and lines of business, its customers, team members and leaders is a company that can accurately value risk. 

Our Timeline


  • TransRe has more than $350 million of sidecar capacity

2013 / 2014

  • We continue to expand globally, with new offices in Singapore and Dubai
  • We establish a new UK subsidiary, TransRe London Limited
  • We host our first Munich Liability Forum and our first Shanghai International Catastrophe Risks Forum
  • FAIRCO and Fair American Select assume US business to help support our customers’ needs
  • We formalize TransRe Capital Partners to bring all third party capital activities under one roof


  • Mike Sapnar succeeds Bob Orlich as our Chief Executive
  • We merge with Alleghany Corporation


  • We create a new Gibraltar subsidiary, Calpe, to support our customers’ needs


  • We sponsor Pangaea Reinsurance I, Ltd., the first in the Pangaea sidecar series

2009 / 2010

  • AIG sells down stake and is no longer a related party

2006 / 2008

  • We continue to expand globally, with new offices in Panama City, Munich and Hamilton, and we appoint a Scandinavian representative in Stockholm

2004 / 2005

  • Four major hurricanes (Charley, Frances, Ivan, Jeanne) in 2004 are followed by three major hurricanes (Katrina, Rita, Wilma) in 2005, triggering significant re-rating of cat exposures
  • We expand our US office network and establish our US Direct team


  • Catastrophic events during the year also signal end of the soft cycle in the casualty market
  • Despite the year’s events, we post a net profit


  • We open offices in Warsaw and Sydney
  • We acquire initial stake in Kuwait Re


  • We open offices in Rio de Janeiro and Shanghai, and appoint a representative in Johannesburg

1995 / 1996

  • We open our Paris office
  • We acquire Guardian Re and rename it TransRe Zurich Ltd
  • Together, we use our new offices to serve continental Europe, bringing our underwriting philosophy and flexibility to provide new and creative solutions to our new customers
  • In addition, we expand our Latin America operations by opening our Buenos Aires office


  • Bob Orlich succeeds Joe Taranto as our Chief Executive
  • We form a new Asia management team to accelerate our regional growth


  • We continue our global expansion by establishing a Latin America & the Caribbean Division, based in Miami
  • We continue our product expansion by creating a team to write surety, credit and guarantee programs worldwide


  • We secure an underwriting “box” at Lloyds to enhance our visibility in the London Market
  • Hurricane Andrew causes the worst losses in the industry’s history

1990 / 1991

  • Further corporate structural changes take place in anticipation of our listing on the New York Stock Exchange. These changes include FAIRCO joining our group
  • A.M. Best Company awards us our first “A” (Excellent) rating
  • By the end of 1991, our stockholder’s equity exceeds US$1 billion for the first time
  • Significant industry losses are generated by Hurricane Bob, Japanese typhoons and the Oakland Fires


  • Our total assets reach US $1 billion for the first time


  • We first form a unit dedicated to developing specialty casualty lines


  • We open our Hong Kong office


  • Joe Taranto becomes our Chief Executive


  • Our international expansion continues, with new offices in London and Tokyo
  • We are the first overseas reinsurer licensed to conduct business in Japan


  • We expand internationally, opening our Toronto office
  • We expand our product line, and started writing treaty reinsurance
  • Tom Tizzio takes over as our Chief Executive

1977 / 1978

  • We are formed in New York as a facultative reinsurance division for AIG
  • We are founded with less than $50 million of initial capital, we were founded on the principles of offering constructive, flexible solutions backed by rock solid financial security.
  • Al Weber is appointed as our first Chief Executive
  • We write our first business on 1/1/78