Entertainment & Contingency

Entertainment & Contingency

As a leading reinsurer of the Entertainment & Contingency industry, our team has the expertise and flexibility to offer you the best service and products to meet your needs.

Our Risk Appetite

  • We target US and European insurers, as well as Lloyd’s Syndicates.
  • We write their Worldwide risks.
  • We write standard and complex programs on a proportional and non-proportional basis.
  • We partner with insurers to offer capacity and expertise for MGA derived Entertainment & Contingency business.
  • We can offer coverage on a treaty, semi-automatic agreement or on a facultative basis on the following classes of business:
    • Event Cancellation/Non-Appearance
      • Trade shows
      • Concerts
      • Conventions
      • Weddings
      • Sporting Events
      • Weather
    • Signal/Transmission Interruption Insurance
      • Pay-Per- View Events
      • Major sporting venues (boxing, wrestling, soccer, etc.)
      • Concerts
    • Prize Indemnification
      • Hole-in-One
      • Basketball Shots
      • Soccer Kicks
      • Hockey Shots
      • Football Toss
      • Fishing Contests
      • Baseball  Contests
      • Over Redemption
      • Lottery and Gaming Contests
    • Motion Picture , Television, Theatrical Portfolio and Producer Packages
      • Cast Coverage
      • Loss of Negative
      • Faulty Film
      • Film Equipment
      • Miscellaneous Property
      • Care Custody and Control
      • Extra Expense
      • Essential Element

Our Capacity

  • Treaty – Up to $3,000,000 per risk
  • Facultative – Up to $5,000,000 per risk

Contact Us

We do business the way you want. You can contact us through an intermediary, or directly.